bo blossoms

I purchased these blood oranges the other day and have been debating on what I wanted to do with them.  The first thing decided to make was these wonderful blood oranges blossoms.  They are so easy to make and taste so good.   My mouth was watering the whole time I was squeezing the oranges and the room filled with this wonderful fruity scent.  I usually only make them for special occasions but I figured  having blood oranges in my house was a special occasion so… they are.


  • 1 box of butter cake mix
  • 6 oranges
  • 1 lb of powdered sugar (1 box or 4 cups)


  • Prepare mix as directed on box and cook in mini muffin pans.
  • While muffins are cooking, combine juice of 6 oranges with 1 box powdered sugar (1 lb or 4 cups)

  • Drain on wax paper.
 Note:  The oranges I used  were very dark and very juicy.  Your oranges may be lighter in color (if you use the blood oranges instead of regular oranges) and may not be as juicy, therefore you many need to use more than the 6 oranges I used.   

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