Some of the girls in the office wanted to decorate our doors this year for Halloween.  I decided to join in and decorate my door with a zombie theme.    I am a huge Walking Dead fan so it's seem like a natural choice.

The best part is that almost everything on this door cam from a place called Dirt Cheap and cost less than $5.00.  I printed the hands from some photos I found on google images.  

One of my coworkers has french doors leading into her office so these door clings worked perfect.  

The cost was less than a $1 for each door.

This is a cute idea for those that don't want scary.

Have a printer and some toilet paper laying around?  You have all you need for the mummy door.  Find some eyes and mouth that you like and just print it.  

Here is a tip when looking for art work......

Google your subject matter and add the words "clip art."  For example, google "scary eyes clip art" or "zombie hands clip art."

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