My daughter decided Dinosaurs would be the theme of my grandson's second birthday party.

She has a large kitchen island which served as a great place from which to serve the food and drink.  Various baskets and crates were used with some of it being covered in burlap.

Some of the candy also came from Dollar Tree since they had a lot of candy in the colors I needed. The rest I ordered online.
Below are the blue Hershey's Kisses, rock candy, and Twizzlers.


My daughter purchased a bag of toys (which included about 20 dinosaurs of various sizes) from a online swap shop for $30. She took out the dinosaurs and sold the rest of the toys.

Other bowls and trays were also purchased at our local Dollartree.  I created and printed the little dinosaur signs. 

Follow this link for FREE Dinosaur Tent Printables.

Dinosaur eggs were made using food coloring on eggs and the dinosaur sandwiches were made using a dinosaur cookie cutter.

Find out how to make the crackled dinosaur eggs and sandwiches HERE.

The cake was made by a lady from our church.

Beverage dispenser was filled with water "watering hole" and the other was filled with "swamp water."

You can get the Swamp Water recipe HERE.

Each child received a shirt, cup, and hat with their name.  The hats (pith helmets)  were purchased from Amazon and the cups and shirts were made by SIMPLY MAGIC DESIGNS.

The crates were purchased online from Walmart.  You can see the ones I purchased HERE.

The Hanging Lanterns were purchased from Amazon.


Everyone looked great in their matching Rawr Shirts.

This DIY palm tree added the perfect jungle touch.

The kids enjoyed cracking open these "Dinosaur Eggs".  You can find out how to make your own Eggs HERE

Of course, with any good dinosaur party, you are going to need Dinosaur Food. 

Check out the following links for more information:


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