If you are planning a Trolls party or just have a Trolls lover in your house, I have the perfect beverage for you.  How about making this strawberry milkshake and loading it down with tons of sweet goodness?  

I made my first Monster Shake a couple of nights ago to celebrate Saint Patricks day.  It turned out great so I was thinking about how I could make one of these shakes with the Dreamworks movie Trolls in mind.  I debated between pink and blue for the shake but I had strawberry on hand so pink won out.  I think blue or purple would also be awesome.

Here is what I used to create this Trolls Monster Shake

  1. Select the glass for you milkshake.  Use one that has a large enough base to hold all of the extra toppings you are going to add.
  2. Use almond bark, frosting, or some type of melted chocolate to hold your candies to the outside edge of the glass.
  3.  Place your candy into the frosting or almond bark.  If the candy keeps falling off, place it in the refrigerator/or freezer for a couple of minutes to slightly harden and then finish adding the candy.
  4. Place everything into the freezer while you make the milkshake.
  5. Once your milkshake is made, pour it into the cold, prepared glass and top with whipped topping, candy, cookies, cake,donuts, etc. Don't forget the cotton candy for Troll hair!
  6. Serve and watch everyone's face light up impressed at your talents.
If you absolutely don't want the candy to fall off, use almond bark but if you want to be able to easily pull the candy from the glass, use frosting.

This would be perfect if you are planning a Troll party.  Wouldn't the kids love to have their drinks served in these glasses?  You can make up several glasses ahead of time and keep them in the freezer.  


  1. My kids have been watching the Trolls movie for about a gazillion times now, and I'm pretty sure they will be thrilled when I make this for them. Just curious about almond bark and where to find them.

    1. They carry about three different types at my local walmart in the baking section. If you want something that's can be wiped off easier, just use your favorite frosting. I use the can frosting in the cake section because it's so easy and convenient.


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