Here is the Christmas tree that I put up in my office.   It was very simple with just burlap ribbon, houndstooth ribbon, and some inexpensive ornaments that I painted.

If you have old ornaments that don't match your decor anymore or if you are just looking to change things up a bit, here have some suggestions.

I have added links below for the ribbon and ornaments I used on the tree above.

PAINTED ORNAMENTS - For the painted ornaments on the tree, I used inexpensive paints and simply followed the patterns on the ornaments.  After the paint dried, I sprayed a coat of clear paint over the entire ornament to give it a more finished look.

CHALKBOARD ORNAMENTS - Use chalkboard spray paint or flat black spray paint.  I love this because you can write anything you want on your ornaments and change it later if you decide to.

JUTE ROPE/TWINE - This stuff is so cheap and it works great with any color decor.  You can use hot glue or Elmer's glue and simply wrap the rope around the ornament.  

SPONGE PAINTED - The white ornament pictured above was done with a make sponge over a gold ball.  Dip the sponge in white (or color of choice) and swirl or dab until you get the look you want. The clear coat will help to smooth out the textured look.  I used some round craft sponges to make the ornaments with black spots.  

METALIC SPRAY PAINT - You probably can't tell looking at a screen but the brown "pinecone" looking ornament was sprayed with a metallic bronze spray paint.  

Image result for houndstooth ribbon amazon

Premium Black & White Houndstooth Pattern Wired Ribbon, 2-1/2 inches x 50 Yards $9.95

Wedding Jute Belt String Pack Strap Arts Craft Burlap Ribbon Roll Ecru 2.2 Yard

I purchased these cheap silver ornaments at Walmart for $4.98.  I used silver but you can choose the color that will work best with your decor. 

 If you plan on painting all of the ornaments, any light color will work.

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