Mixbook - My favorite way to scrapbook

I used to scrapbook in what I refer to as "the hard way" many years ago.  I spent hours in scrapbook stores pouring over all of the beautiful papers and purchasing beautiful stickers.  I then spent hours cutting, gluing, punching, and arranging photos in my albums.  This was so time consuming and I got tired of having bits of paper scattered everywhere along with the dining room table full of papers and photos I was working on.

I was so excited when I discovered digital scrapbooking.  I could crop, edit, and place the photos any way I wanted with the click of a mouse.  I was in heaven.

When I started researching places that sold photo books, I spent days searching websites, checking prices, and reading reviews.  All of this lead me to Mixbooks.  

You have the option of uploading your photos and have them create the book for you or you can start with a blank page and create everything yourself.  I tend to go somewhere in between.  

I'm currently working on my trip to Europe that my daughter and I took last year and am doing it a little differently than I would a photo album.  It will contain content from my blog posts about the trip making it more personal and I hope to someday pass it on to my grandchildren so they share in the memories of their mother and grandmother.  

You can check out their site HERE

You can check out my entire wedding album HERE


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